[Immunology] Re: Anti-CD20 monoclonal antibody for use in BALB/c

Christian Praetorius prae at gmx.net
Mon Oct 9 04:56:33 EST 2006

"Focosi" <mi at interhealth.info> wrote:

>I'm just looking for a murine anti-CD20 mAb to be used against a BALB/c

You can take any anti-CD20 AB that recognizes mouse CD20. It doesn't
make a difference if you take BALB/C or Rosa26 mice, e.g.

>B-cell lymphoma line expressing CD20. I would prefer to look at a
>reference to a peer-reviewed paper to get a reference schedule and
>route of administration, but anyway any suggestion based on personal
>experience is very welcome !

The main question is still not answered: What do you want to do?
Western blot? Immunohistochemistry? Flow cytometry? For each of them,
you will need different labelled antibodies, so thats the first
question. And if you will answer this questions, you can also have a
look into the Pubmed using your topics for the search.


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