[Immunology] Re: Anti-CD20 monoclonal antibody for use in BALB/c

Focosi mi at interhealth.info
Tue Oct 10 15:37:45 EST 2006

Dear Christian,
I needed a mouse anti-mouse CD20 mAb for intraperitoneal injection into
BALB/c mice. I just found in PubMed what I was looking for, i.e. MB20-1
mAb (see http://intimm.oxfordjournals.org/cgi/content/full/16/1/119).
Hope this could help someone else facing my same hurdle.

Christian Praetorius ha scritto:

> "Focosi" <mi at interhealth.info> wrote:
> >I'm just looking for a murine anti-CD20 mAb to be used against a BALB/c
> You can take any anti-CD20 AB that recognizes mouse CD20. It doesn't
> make a difference if you take BALB/C or Rosa26 mice, e.g.
> >B-cell lymphoma line expressing CD20. I would prefer to look at a
> >reference to a peer-reviewed paper to get a reference schedule and
> >route of administration, but anyway any suggestion based on personal
> >experience is very welcome !
> The main question is still not answered: What do you want to do?
> Western blot? Immunohistochemistry? Flow cytometry? For each of them,
> you will need different labelled antibodies, so thats the first
> question. And if you will answer this questions, you can also have a
> look into the Pubmed using your topics for the search.
> Christian
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