[Immunology] Repost: Thalidomide, Melatonin, DHEA, TNF, and IL-2

Petra Bastian petra.bastian at extern.fh-regensburg.de
Mon Sep 18 04:58:22 EST 2006

Dear Mr- James Howard,

I followed your comments on the internet on Thalidomide and its activities. 

Since I have a friend trying to fight his tumor by thalidomide and melatonine, I tried to get more information about these substances. I recently found that thalidomide has a chemical structure that makes ist probable that it perfoms interaction - in a way similar to stacking of flat molecules -with guanin. Severel N- and O-atoms are positioned in a way that could support this interaction. The structure of melatonine is quite similar, but would only allow a weaker fit concerning the position of the atoms. Unfortunately, I have no means to try such theories by molecular modelling.

The main question is now: thalidomide and melatonine also might interact due to their similar structure. I could not find any publication indicating that both have been applied together in any therapy. I wonder whether both work synergistic or whether they inhibit each other, e.g. by reducing the cellular uptake etc.

Do you have any indication for this problem?

I would be most happy about receiving an answer from you.

Kind regards

Dr. Petra Bastian
petra.bastian at extern.fh-regensburg.de

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