[Immunology] Ig titers--are there standards?

David Hill via immuno%40net.bio.net (by davidhill41 from agvcompound.com)
Sat Aug 18 06:44:58 EST 2007

HI Tom,

I was recently tested positive for dengue virus by a lab called 'Merlieux' in Lyon, France.

The report was very sparse simply stating 'Recent infection suggested.  IgG antibodies 6,3 Threshold 0,9  & IgM antibodies 8,3 Threshold 0,9

I don't understand what this means and I don't think the consultant cardiologist where I work in Saudi Arabia really understood the exact significance of the above levels.

Could you please shed some enlightenment and also does it look as though, as I suspect, this is a secondary dengue infection. My platelet count went down to 87,000 and my nose bled.  I had a bad case of flu in 2003 living in the Philippines and I now think that might have been my primary infection.  I understand (think?) the I'm levels are indicative of prior infection?

David Hill

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