[Immunology] Re: Ig titers--are there standards?

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On Aug 18, 7:44 am, "David Hill" <davidhil... from agvcompound.com> wrote:
> HI Tom,
> I was recently tested positive for dengue virus by a lab called 'Merlieux' in Lyon, France.
> The report was very sparse simply stating 'Recent infection suggested.  IgG antibodies 6,3 Threshold 0,9  & IgM antibodies 8,3 Threshold 0,9
> I don't understand what this means and I don't think the consultant cardiologist where I work in Saudi Arabia really understood the exact significance of the above levels.
> Could you please shed some enlightenment and also does it look as though, as I suspect, this is a secondary dengue infection. My platelet count went down to 87,000 and my nose bled.  I had a bad case of flu in 2003 living in the Philippines and I now think that might have been my primary infection.  I understand (think?) the I'm levels are indicative of prior infection?
> David Hill

Althought I am not Tom, I dare to answer. ;-)

This may and may not be a secondary infection. All you can certainly
say is that there was an infection recently, since IgM is elevated.
IgG elevation will persist on an elevated level, even as IgM goes down

Did they test for a specific serovar? You can get Dengue up to four
times, after that you are immune against each of the 4 different
serotypes. I am not sure whether IgM should rise significantly after a
re-infection by a serovar you're already immune against.

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