[Immunology] Re: Capsaicin

Eric via immuno%40net.bio.net (by say.no At spam.now)
Tue Jan 16 04:14:45 EST 2007

Lectin wrote:
> Could someone help with the solubility of Capsaicin?
> in H2O? EtOH? DMSO? or any other ?

>From http://www.emdbiosciences.com/docs/PDS/211274-000.pdf

  Solubility: Ethanol
  Storage: Room temperature (+20°C). Following reconstitution, aliquot and
  freeze (-20°C). This product is stable for 3 years as supplied. Ethanol
  stock solutions are stable for 2 months at -20°C.


  Preparation Instructions
  This product is dissolved at 50 mg/ml in chloroform to yield a clear,
  colorless to faint yellow solution. This chemical is practically
  insoluble in cold water and freely soluble in alcohol, benzene, and

  Solutions in acetonitrile stored in the freezer were stable for a few
  months as determined by HPLC. No formal solution stability studies have
  been done.

I would think that DMSO should also work.


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