[Immunology] Re: Endogenous and Exogenous Cannabinoids Modulate Inflammation

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> ...with respect to the =details= of
> which, as John presented them in
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> at this 'point', I leave to John, because
> I'm not 'familiar' with them, nor do I
> have the 'time' to verify them.
> Do you Certify the details of what
> you posted, John?

The referenced items are spot on, all seems correct as far as I can tell,
what I am looking for here is someone to find errors! I doubt that will
happen because they're aren't that many people who look at these things that
closely and chances are such people are not on these forums. There is a
great deal of internal consistency with all this but to go deeper would be
to make an extremely long post because I then have to explain the mentioned
linkages within a wider framework of longevity related issues. Nutshell:
reducing systemic inflammation, reducing il 1, tnf a, il-6, crp,
haptoglobin, possibly il-12, il-2, and increasing il-4, 10, is important for
longevity. Cannabinoids will induce a Th 1 shift in the immune response,
lower inflammation, and will reduce the risk of some immunologically related
cancers (eg. lymphomas). Cognition with age shows a strong inverse
relationship with inflammation markers and microglial activation.

I've spent many years exploring these  issues Ken and I will die before I am
satisfied with my understanding.

As I prepared the post off the top of my head there may be a few errors but
the main argument will hold.

The tradegy is that the smoking of marijuana is a big problem that can cause
emphysema but no evidence of cancers. This tradegy is compounded by the fact
that vaporisers are available and governments should be advocating their
use. The bigger tradegy is the massive increase in teenage smoking, this can
lead to problems. I'm not sure about this but I recall one microarray study
on mice implying that cannabinoids inhibited MOG and possibly MBP genes,
thereby possibly reducing mylineation. Interesting in light on the
increasing association between schizophrenia and white matter issues. Very
worrying in terms of brain maturation ... . No, I do not accept that M
causes S. We are currently running of the risk of a future epidemic of
emphysema and cognition problems in those with a heavy pot smoking habit
that began in their teenage years.

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