[Immunology] Mechanism for Nutrient Transport

Debbie Caple via immuno%40net.bio.net (by Dcaple from neo.rr.com)
Fri Jun 22 20:15:37 EST 2007

I came across your posts today as I was trying to find some information on nutrient transport into the cell. I have recently been invited to hear someone who speaks on minerals and their importance for our health, and some of his statements raise questions in my mind. I am a nurse, so I have a little background, but haven't actively pursued studying physiology for a long time.

This man says that in order for minerals to get into the cell they must be angstrom size. He claims the openings on the cell that allow the transport into the cell are only large enough to allow angstrom size minerals to get into the cell. He also says that these are the "mitochondria" openings, which I don't believe is correct. That's not what I learned the mitochondria is!  He also says that all dietary minerals that have "ate" on the end are manipulated to get into the blood stream and are too large to get into the cell, but that the body will store them, causing calcium deposits - for women in the reproductive organs, and for men in the arteries. 

If you can give me any insight as to how minerals are actually taken into a cell, I would be very grateful. I have been searching on line, but haven't come across what I'm looking for.

Thanks for your time.

D. Caple

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