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Call for Papers:
The International Journal of Immunological Studies (IJIS)
is a refereed quarterly international journal which publishes a broad
range of 
original experimental and theoretical papers on all aspects of
immunology. IJIS 
welcomes high-quality research papers from scientists in academic and
organisations as well as business and government from any part of the
world; it aspires 
to facilitate the exchange of information and collaboration among
scientists and serve 
as essential reading for all interested. The journal is open to
submissions and 
occasionally it publishes pre-announced special issues on themes in
edited by guest editors. 
Please submit via email attachment to the following email address:
<dkan from firnweb.com>. 
Suitable topics include, but are not limited to:
*	Allergy and immunopathology 
*	Antigen presentation 
*	Autoimmunity 
*	B cells 
*	Cellular immunology 
*	Cytokines, chemokines, inflammation 
*	Dendritic cells 
*	Diabetes 
*	Imaging at the molecular, cellular or whole animal level 
*	Immune responses to infectious diseases 
*	Immunogenetics and gene discovery 
*	Immunotherapy 
*	Innate immunity 
*	In silico modelling 
*	Knockout and knock-in studies 
*	Lymphocyte activation and homing 
*	Lymphocyte differentiation and migration 
*	Mechanisms of cell death 
*	Molecular immunology 
*	Mucosal immunology SIG 
*	NK cells 
*	NKT and T regulatory cells 
*	Plasmon resonance 
*	Protein crystallography 
*	Science communication - BD award session 
*	Signal transduction 
*	Stem cells 
*	T cell biology 
*	The immune response to viral infections 
*	The MHC and its interactions 
*	Tolerance 
*	Transplantation 
*	Tumour immunology 
*	Vaccine development 
*	Veterinary immunology SIG

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