[Immunology] ELISA: blanking and data interpretation question

Tetyana Denyssevych via immuno%40net.bio.net (by tdenysse from bccrc.ca)
Tue Feb 26 18:05:41 EST 2008

Hello everybody, 


I have a question on how to blank the  results from a typical double
sandwich ELISA assay.  The assay measures  therapeutic antibody in
human serum  and  I have two blanks available : assay buffer and
calibrator "Zero" containing  0.05% of human serum (after MRD 1:2000)
and no analyte. 

So far I was blanking  all results only with the assay buffer value. Is
this  totally incorrect? I was assuming that calibrator "Zero" should be
part of the calibration curve. 

If  standard "Zero" should be used as a blank, then how  to construct
the standard curve in the 4PL model? It would mean that standard zero is
not included in the model. Would this be a correct approach?


Thank you for your help in this educational exercise





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