[Immunology] bacterias 41(DE3) e C43(DE3)

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I am needing the C41(DE3), C41(DE3)pLysS and C43(DE3), C43(DE3)pLysS (E. 
coli bacterias)
Does anybody have these bacterias?
//Can anybody help me?
Thank you very much,

**C41(DE3), C41(DE3)pLysS and C43(DE3), C43(DE3)pLysS
E. coli BL21(DE3) strains, like Lucigen's E. cloni EXPRESS Competent 
Cells provide reliable expression of many proteins cloned into T7 
expression vectors (e.g., pET or Lucigen's pSMART®-cDNA vectors). 
However, in some cases expression is minimal or not detectable because 
the recombinant protein, when expressed, is deleterious or lethal to 
these standard BL21 strains. Examples of such toxic proteins include 
many membrane proteins, some cytoplasmic proteins, and nucleases. 
Unfortunately, successful expression of one or more toxic proteins is 
often important to the experimental goal.



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