[Immunology] cross-species single primary cell immunoglobulin production rates?

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Tue Jul 21 07:10:05 EST 2009

I'm helping a modeler try to tackle a hairy vaccine dose prediction
problem, and need to scare up some data. Several hours of lit searches
have yielded some, but not enough information.

Once I got past all the hybridoma and tumor cell production rate
papers, I found several old papers on antibody production rates in
various primary cell systems.  Most of it was ex vivo, but little was
done to try to correlate that data with in vivo observation (either
tissue-specific rates or peripheral blood concentration). Also, there
is a broad range of estimates depending on the analysis done to make
those estimates (2000 molecules/cell/min to about seven times that).

Is anyone aware if there are direct comparisons done on rodent v.
primate Ab production rates?  In other words, is there a reason to
think that a maximally stimulated rodent plasma cell would produce
dramatically more or less IgM or IgG than a comparable human cell?

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