[Immunology] is fish immunology system a good model for human immunology system?

sohrab koohestan eskandari via immuno%40net.bio.net (by s.kohestan from sanru.ac.ir)
Mon Feb 28 09:03:55 EST 2011

Dear newsgroup members,

I am an undergraduate student who has an interest in immunology field. I 
have read quite a lot of articles about immunology lately which increase my 
interest a lot in this area. Therefore this semester I take the "real" 
immunology course. Next semester I have to do an internship and I am 
planning to do my internship in immunology. I searched for available 
projects and find an interesting project about immunology system in fish. 
Actually I am interested more in exploring human immune system since there 
are a lot of important and exciting topics in human area. Thus, I need your 
advise now. Is fish immunology a good model for human immune system? I know 
that fish is not the same with human, but can I use my knowledge about fish 
immune system to apply it in human system? Will it be useful and are they 
have similar basic immune systems and mechanisms?

Thanks in advance for your help and advise.      


sohrab koohestan eskandari

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