[Immunology] Can 3H thymidine labeling in lymphocytes be successfully measured after cells are fixed??

geoffreycole from verizon.net via immuno%40net.bio.net (by geoffreycole from verizon.net)
Thu Oct 20 22:20:46 EST 2011

   Is it feasible to chemical fix(e.g.with 1-2% PFA) 3H thymidine pulse
   labeled lymphocytes in serum supplemented culture medium and
   subsequently harvest them on a cell harvester?  While no doubt this
   sound methodologically unorthodox and improbable to work, there is a
   rationale.  Ideally, I would like to pulse label stimulated PBMC and
   lightly fix them to biologically inactivate any potential viral agents
   present prior their processing on a Tomtec cell harvester.  I have
   facilities available to me for performing this work under appropriate
   biological containment.  I am not seriously contemplating this as an
   assay procedure but, I was curious if anyone had ever explored this.

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