[Immunology] MRC-5(ATCC CCL171) cell culture

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Mon Feb 13 02:13:44 EST 2012

Dear Sir:


I have found the letter as follol from the internet.

Just I am learning how to improve the MRC-5 cell density in T175 Flask.

Could you help me ?


Thank you very much




Dear Sir!

I have another question to you.

When I culture MRC-5(CCL-171) in 60mm dish and 100mm dish, we can get

satisfied cell number,

2,000,000 cells/60mm dish with 3ml DMEM(low glucose,10% FBS) and 6

~7,000,000 cells/100 dish with10ml DMEM(low glucose,10% FBS)

But I can not get enough cell number in 150mm dish and 490cm2 roller


8,000,000 cells/150mm dish with 15~20ml DMEM(low glucose,10% FBS)

and 20,000,000 cells/490cm2 roller vessel with 50~100 ml DMEM(low

glucose,10% FBS).I have done these test at passage number 26 and 27.

I want  get much more cell number same area in 490cm2, at least


when I plating 1~1,500,000cells. How to overcome this problem.

Could you please inform to me about that or introduce a expert of MRC-5


Thank you .


With best regard.




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