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Wed Dec 23 09:38:02 EST 1992

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(David Kristofferson) writes:

>....... faculty I spoke to at some small schools felt that reviewers were
>excessively critical of their work versus papers that originated from
>"name" schools. 
>........ but I was wondering whether or not any journals ever review papers
> either completely blind (no mention of the authors' identity and affiliation)
> or partially blind (e.g., no mention of the affiliation)?  This might be an
>interesting experiment?!?
>>				Dave Kristofferson

	and, and, and, - how about adding the names of the reviewers **on** 
	the journal article as well (replace a dissenting reviewer by the
	journal editor when a split decision is over-ruled).  
	This would likely insure *better* reviews as well as give credit
	to those who perform such thankless tasks as journal reviews.

Merry Christmas,
Peter M. Muriana 

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