Multiple simultaneous submissions to journals

Thu Dec 9 16:23:20 EST 1993

  Simultaneous multiple submissions to journals.

  This was discussed here several months ago, but a recent experience
brings it to mind again. 6 months ago I submitted a paper to a Canadian
non-scientific journal. It was quite non-technical, about 12 pages in
length, and could be read in 30 minutes or less. Recently it was returned
rejected. There were no apologies for the delay and the Editor's summary
of the reviewers' comments was uninformative.

  So I shrugged, and submitted the paper elsewhere.  Nothing much was
at stake at a personal level. But, what if I were not a tenured Prof.
with a reasonable level of grant funding. What if I were close to some
margin where an extra paper might make all the difference between getting
tenure, or getting a grant?  I think I would be JUST PLAIN STUPID to
submit demurely to one journal at a time. I have never made multiple
simultaneous  submissions, and do not intend to, but I would not think
badly about someone who did so, given the quite outrageous delays some
journal editors and reviewers expect authors to put up with.

  Two suggestions for improvement, one involving this forum.

     (i) Editors. Smarten up! It is YOUR job to push your reviewers to
         review expeditiously. It should not require constant phone calls
         from an author to get an editor to contact a tardy reviewer.

    (ii) It YOU find that a particular journal consistently does a good
         job on your papers, let us know about it here. Conversely, if
         you are outraged by the delays, presumably you are not going to
         submit to the same journal again. So let us hear about it here.


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