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|> brings it to mind again. 6 months ago I submitted a paper to a Canadian
|> non-scientific journal. It was quite non-technical, about 12 pages in
|> length, and could be read in 30 minutes or less. Recently it was returned
|> rejected. There were no apologies for the delay and the Editor's summary
|> of the reviewers' comments was uninformative.

Be lucky that you _got_ this reply. I submitted a paper to a journal 
which was launched only recently, and I received a CC'ed peer review
which was excellent. Now as the secretary already dated me an issue
where the paper would appear, I was hoping that there were no further 
complaints. About three months later I still didn't receive the 
proofs or suggestions for the finished to be printed paper. 

As I inquired, I learned that the secretary was working elsewhere 
in the meantime, and that the Chief Editor has orally received 
another comment which made him think that it were better not to 
publish the paper. The Editor didn't think that it was needed to 
inform me, neither oficcialy suggest what else should be done. The whole 
procedure lasted four months. 

Happened in 1993, in Europe. The Editor is working on behalf of a large 
organisation in Europe. 

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