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>|> brings it to mind again. 6 months ago I submitted a paper to a Canadian
>|> non-scientific journal. It was quite non-technical, about 12 pages in
>|> length, and could be read in 30 minutes or less. Recently it was returned
>|> rejected. There were no apologies for the delay and the Editor's summary
>|> of the reviewers' comments was uninformative.
>Be lucky that you _got_ this reply. I submitted a paper to a journal 
>which was launched only recently, and I received a CC'ed peer review
>which was excellent. Now as the secretary already dated me an issue
>where the paper would appear, I was hoping that there were no further 
>complaints. About three months later I still didn't receive the 
>proofs or suggestions for the finished to be printed paper. 
>As I inquired, I learned that the secretary was working elsewhere 
>in the meantime, and that the Chief Editor has orally received 
>another comment which made him think that it were better not to 
>publish the paper. The Editor didn't think that it was needed to 
>inform me, neither oficcialy suggest what else should be done. The whole 
>procedure lasted four months. 
>Happened in 1993, in Europe. The Editor is working on behalf of a large 
>organisation in Europe. 

Since this subject has been brought up.  It might actually be a good idea
for all who post "horror stories" of Journals and/or editors to
specify which journal and who the editor was.  This way the rest of us 
will know to stay clear of these jokers.

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