Where to publish sequence papers?

Tue Feb 9 09:14:06 EST 1993

   There are many sequence entries in GenBank which have not been published in
the paper literature. This may be because the originator of the data did not
write a paper, or because he/she could not find a journal to accept it. Some
journals will not accept a sequence which is not backed up by experimental
evidence on promoter sites, etc. At least two journals appear more enlightened.
Their attitude can be summer up in the words of one of the Editors, Bart
        "I detect an ignorance of how much inforamtion there may be in a DNA
         sequence and possibly prejudice against DNA sequencing as being some
         kind of unintellectual pursuit. Sequencing can be a long and onerous
         task but the end result of a carefully determined and carefully
         analysed sequence can be a wealth of new information and insight."
The two journals are:
                     DNA Sequence and DNA Cell Biology.[I have no vested
                                       interest in either of these journals.]
                     Sincerely, Don Forsdyke (Discussion Leader).

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