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Thu Feb 11 09:11:47 EST 1993

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gilbertd at (Don Gilbert) writes:
>The Scientist, an established biweekly newspaper for scientists
>(targets life sciences), is now available electronically, I see.
>Coincidently, I recently started getting their paper copy, and
>this week's issue announces that the text of this newspaper is
>available via anonymous ftp to  

Mail to me on this subject
> From: Jarmo Saarikko <saarikko at>
> Is there any way that the publishers of the scientist
> could be persuaded to  put their files readable through 
> the global network of gophers instead of anonymous ftp?
> Not all people want to keep all those files on disk, but 
> only read them.

I agree with Jarmo -- The Scientist would be much more attractive
as an electronic publication if the editors would "gopherize" it.
If they would not only make it available via Internet Gopher,
but also section each issue into index and articles so electronic
readers could browse thru it more easily, fetching only those
articles of interest.  It would also be of interest to index
the articles with WAIS software and let people use key-word
searches of the content and back issues.

With the advent of the newer Internet Gopher+ method (announced
on comp.infosystems.gopher Usenet news yesterday), it will also
be practical for the editors to make both figures and fully formatted
text available (in various formats to support various computer
systems if desired).  I think The Scientist, with a bit of extra
effort in this area, could become one of the more interesting
electronic publications for life sciences.

Dan Jacobson was ahead of me on this -- he had The Scientist available
thru his gopher hole for about a month, using an ftp-to-gopher link.
This is more convenient to potential readers than anonymous
ftp, but I think it would be advantagous to have direct
gopher access to it, and with articles separated and WAIS-indexed,
for easier browsing, searching and reading.

You can find the gopher-to-ftp access to The-Scientist in the 
"Selected Other Gophers and Information Services"
directory on

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