In defense of PNAS

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Tue Jan 5 09:41:22 EST 1993

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>Lassaro says:
>>Is PNAS any different from an edited book?
>Yes it is different, because journals are not edited books
>and we are discussing journals.

     The "edited book" argument strikes me as being a little weak (PNAS is
clearly not a book, as Forsdyke points out), but isn't the title of this
particular periodical (PROCEEDINGS of the NAS) a warning that this is not
a regular journal?  When a scholarly society operates a real journal, it
usually labels it clearly as such (for instance, Journal of the American
Chemical Society) but when the publication in question is labeled
"Proceedings" or "Transactions", I usually assume the sort of clubbish
publication rules which apply to PNAS.  (I realize that there are
exceptions.)  Doesn't everyone?

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