Editorial conflict resolution evolution

Tue Jun 1 08:27:15 EST 1993

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>Re: Should authors be allowed to submit to more than one journal?  Perhaps
>we can re-phrase this in terms of an evolutionary question?  We currently

     I like Ron Coleman's approach. Perhaps he should apply it to the question
which started this debate. It may not be an evolutionary stable strategy for
a journal to defect, but that creates an excellent environment for individual
authors to defect. As long as the rest play by the Queensberry rules, the
author who defects and submits to 10 journals at the same time has much to gain
As for being found out, the statistics are on his/her side and Editors don't
bark! A few defectors among many compliers will not overload the peer review
system. Yet, by getting new work published quicker and in a higher quality
journal than his/her peers, the author's career advances more rapidly.
So on to tenure, big research grants and a big team with a secretary! Now there
is no longer any need to cheat. In fact, with so many people involved in
his/her empire it would not look good at the local level.
   In those memorable words of Horace Entwhistle, "First you get on, then you
get honour, then you get honest".
                                 Sincerely,  Don Forsdyke

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