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> | Secondly, we should not have double standard in science. If we
> | agree that proper reviews of papers prior to publication is
> | essential for keeping the quality of science from falling, we must
> | declare any publications without adequate reviews as invalid. In
> | other words, any paper published in PNAS or other journals without
> | going through peer review system should not be counted as
> | publication for any academic purpose, such as tenure promotion.

> Nice point.

> Just what is the exact situation with PNAS?  How easily can somebody
> in the academy get a paper published without review?

Technically, I believe that anyone in the Academy is permitted to
submit a certain number of papers per year, and those papers will be
published.  If they are submitting someone else's paper, that's fine.
If they are submitting their own work, they are expected to have shown
it to a colleague capable of judging the quality of the work. 

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