More on non-barking editors

Tue Jun 15 13:26:37 EST 1993

   Many will have seen the recent letter in Nature (363,p296) by Ernst,
Saradeth and Resch on the highly random nature of the peer reviewing of a
paper they independently submitted to 45 experts in their field. Along the
lines of the discussion on this Bulletin Board a few weeks ago, it seems that
the best policy would be multiple submissions to let the statistics work in
one's favour. Most practicing scientists can work this out for themselves.
Are they all patiently submitting first to journal A, then to journal B, etc,
etc. Surely, some of them are "cheating"?  Some of the arguments made in this
forum indicated that multiple simultaneous submission was not unethical. So,
many are probably getting away with it. And those whose misdemeanors are
discovered can usually rest assured that Editors do not bark.
                                                         Don Forsdyke
                                                         Discussion Leader,

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