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Francis Ouellette francis at EGO.PSYCH.MCGILL.CA
Wed Jun 30 14:21:04 EST 1993

Shaun D. Black (shaun%jason.decnet at relay.the.ne) writes:

>      I have had a curious experience recently with a publication.  E-mail 
> addresses were included in my methods section pertinent to some software 
> suppliers.  The publishers took out all of the e-mail addresses and only 
> after 'coercion' was I able to get only two of them back in.  Has any one else 
> had this problem?  If so, is there any consensus as to whether or not 
> inclusion of e-mail addresses in publications (especially relative to 
> methods) is appropriate/inappropriate?  Thanks.  -Shaun
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I wanted the Email address in the address section, and the journal had to 
be told a couple of times to leave it in ...  and _I_ took the Email addresses 
out of a methods section because between the submission of the paper and the 
galleys the genbank FASTA/BLAST server had moved from IntelliGenetics to 
NCBI ...  a no win situation  :-)


francis ouellette

(watch for new email address rsn ;)

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