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>I second Una's recommendation of LaTeX, but again I doubt if somebody
>used to WYSIWYG would change this for it. 

I third her recommendation.

It would be well worth the time of a confirmed WYSIWYG user to look into
LaTeX, as LaTeX runs circles around that method.

  -easy to use
  -hard to impossible to transport to a new computer.  This means that
when you move to another system, either all your files will become useless
or you will lose things like italics and underlining and all equations.
The alternative is to pay more money.

LaTeX is
  -dependent on pure ASCII files, so transports beautifully!
  -a real computer language, with all the power that implies!
  -only slightly harder to use

By the way, as you may know, I have a set of styles and BiBTeX formats
in my archive, anonymous ftp *.bst and *.sty.
Someday I'll get around to updating the TeX archives.

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