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Fri Apr 1 14:22:17 EST 1994

Announcing a new quarterly peer-reviewed journal

Computational Molecular Cell Biology


Daniel B. Davison, Ph.D.
University of Houston

David T. Kingsbury, Ph.D.
Johns Hopkins University, School of Medicine

Thomas Marr, Ph.D.
Cold Spring Harbor Labs

Michael S. Waterman, Ph.D.
University of Southern California

Goals:  First, to provide a forum for communication of scientific and technical
issues associated with the analysis, management, and visualization of biological
information at the molecular level.  COMPUTATIONAL BIOLOGY will accept papers on
the computational, mathematical and statistical aspects of molecular biology.  
This includes sequence comparison, analysis and searching; DNA and protein 
sequence determination; DNA topological structure; protein structure; RNA 
secondary and tertiary structure; genetic mapping; physical mapping; molecular 
evolution including phylogenetic reconstructions; parallel methods of 
computation; design and implementation of biological databases; biological 
expert system design and use; application of artificial intelligence methods to 
biological systems.

Second to provide a forum for the exchange of problems and methods between and 
within the biological and the mathematical/computational communities.  This will
be accomplished by soliciting mini-reviews in diverse areas, and by providing a
forum for the informal exchange of theories and experimental approaches.

The growth of molecular biology has produced large amounts of complex data 
consequently creating challenging new problems in the analysis, interpretation 
and handling of this data.  The mounting volume and richness of data require 
multidisciplinary and quantitative approaches for analysis and interpretation.

For submission of manuscripts send the original and three copies to:

David T. Kingsbury, Ph.D
The Johns Hopkins University
School of Medicine
Welch Applied Research Laboratory
2024 East Monument Street
Baltimore, MD  21205-2100
Phone:  (410) 955-9705
Fax:    (410) 614-0434
E-mail: compbio at

or to:

Michael S. Waterman
Senior Editor
Department of Mathematics DRB-155 
University of Southern California
Los Angeles, CA  90089-1113
Phone:  (213) 740-2408
Fax:    (213) 740-2437
E-mail: compbio at

Directions for Authors can be obtained on via gopher.

Subscription rate:  Volume 1, Number 1, quarterly 1994.  Personal rate USA $80. 
Library $160.  Students and post-docs $50. 

Outside USA: Personal rate $95. Library $200.

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