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hi, joe,

since your email address doesn't work, i have to repost my reply here. hope
you will read it.

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joe at (Joe Felsenstein)

>So ... what is the name of the journal?  Is it
>         Journal of Computational Biology
>or:      Computational Biology

roger kou posted a similar message to bionews at the journal title
in the posting is

  Computational Molecular Cell Biology

i guess the first line is the main title and the second one is the subtitle.

>I'd really like to know because last year I agreed to be a member of its
>Editorial Board!  At that time the name seemed to be just "Computational

dan davison at university of houston should be able to answer your question
regarding the change of the journal name. the very first time i saw the
announcement of the journal is November 1992 when i was attending the keck
symposium on computational biology at houston. dan has told me there have
been some changes in the journal name.

keyuan jiang, vanderbilt university (jiangky at

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