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   So ... what is the name of the journal?  Is it
            Journal of Computational Biology
   or:      Computational Biology

   I'd really like to know because last year I agreed to be a member of its
   Editorial Board!  At that time the name seemed to be just "Computational

Joe and everyone else,

The short answer is "The Journal of Computational Biology". The first
issue is at the printer but delayed for reasons beyond the senior
editors' control.

The longer answer is, when I was putting the editorial board together
last year, the four editors (Waterman, Marr, Kingsbury, and me) were
talking with three different publishers. One had a prior claim on the
title "The Journal of Computational Biology".  So, the title was in
flux somewhat.

It has been a reeal challenge getting this journal off the ground, but
once we're up and running hopefull things will get smoother.  When I
hear that the first issue is really going to appear I will post the
table of contents for that issue.  We've got about 2 full issues now
and are filling up a third (of a total of 4/year).

I didn't think it was worthwhile writing to the editorial board saying
that we had no news...but there will be a raft of material appearing
in your mailbox after that first issue.  

Questions about the journal can be directed to me at
dbd at

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