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Wed Dec 14 12:47:16 EST 1994

Electronic publishing: Ginspark

Don Fordyke has expertly addressed the problem of bridging the credibility 
gap which exists between paper-based and electronic science communication.  
I agree with his thesis that credibility will be gained when electronically 
dispersed information can be cited in conventional journals.  

If bionet.whatever articles are cited in the conventional media then the large 
number of scientists who are still unwilling or unable to use the net, will be 
driven, by a combination of curiosity and practical neccessity, to aquire net 

Perhaps a physical contact address could be included in citations referring to 
electronically published material.  The author would keep physical copies 
of the article for mailing to people after the article was removed from the 
board, this would also allow non-networked scientists such as those in 
less developed parts of the world to remain in touch with developments.

The idea of grading articles is also interesting and a newsgroup devoted to 
reviewing the contributions to say Bionet.whatever, would possibly produce a 
consensus opinion where the majority grade was given to an article after a 
period of time.  It would certainly make a lively debate.  

If newsgroup material is accepted as being as being on a par with paper 
published work there will be positive feedback in terms of interest and use 
of the the groups and we will all benefit.

James D. Clelland

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