Impact Factor?

Florian Hentschel jeffbfhi at
Fri Feb 11 17:02:50 EST 1994


Could anyone of the net.gurus enlighten me about how the "impact factor"
is calculated and who does it? As far as I understand, there are IF's for
journals as well as for scientists and clinics (universities, groups...). 

Second, if someone had the IF number(s) of one of the following journals
handy, I would be thankful for e-mail (will post summary!): 

The Lancet
New England Journal of Medicine
Transplantation Proceedings
Transplant International
Journal of Cell Science

Why? ...Hmm, well I *just* wanted to know, nothing in particular, eh...
...oh, blast it!	<:-)

and sorry if it's a faq!
-----------------------  Florian 

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