the Journal Citation Reports

Mon Feb 14 09:09:45 EST 1994

The JCR has been published continuously since the early 1970s.  Until the
1989 coverage year, it was included as part of the subscription to the
hard copy annual cum of SCI and SSCI. Beginning with 1989, it was published
as a separate item at about $195 and in microfiche (not one of nature's
perfect media!) along with a limited hard copy attachment with some major
listings of titles & really important numbers.  The amount of detail in the
hard copy part has increased, but if you want the details (annualized 10 yr
data, citations made & received listings, etc) you have to use the fiche.

Your librarian is probably uninformed (if someone else decided not to buy
the JCR separately or did not notice that it wasn't automatically coming
anymore). Collection development specialists/bibliographers in academic
and research libraries still value the JCR as do us bibliometricians.

Katherine W. McCain                 "bibliometrics R us"
College of Information Studies
Drexel University

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