Journal Prices: Citing electronic media

Fri Feb 18 10:44:57 EST 1994

    Our university had a symposium on Monday on Journal Prices. One speaker was
the head of a major US university library and the other was the Director of the
North American Association of Research libraries based in Washington.

    The Library Head presented data showing how journal price increases are
exceeding the increases in prices of most other items which affect university
research. He seemed to think that a lot of the publishing was unnecessary and
the result of "publish or perish" psychology. I could not agree with this.
Certainly in the biological sciences most papers make a real contribution,
albeit often quite small.

    The Association of Research Libraries Director stressed new electronic
forms of information interchange, but made no mention of the major factor
impeding progress in this area. This the inability to CITE an item in the
electronic media in the paper media. If one could post a research article in
the electronic media (such as this bulletin board, which is archived in at
least two locations), and know that(oneself and)others could subsequently cite
it if they had found it useful, then more people would be inclined to turn
bulletin boards into electronic journals.

   Each posting on a bulletin board has a date identifier. Thus a "volume"
   number could be the month and day (today is 218), and the "page" number
   could be the minutes and seconds.

              Thus:  Smith, J. (1994) Bionet.journals.note 218, 1015 (gmt)

              Sincerely,  Don Forsdyke Discussion Leader. Bionet.Journals.Note

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