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Mon Feb 21 09:38:57 EST 1994

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>I agree that the use of the e-medium to transmit information is very
>under-utilized.  I do have a concern that the quality of information may be
>overrun by the quantity if e-medium cites were allowed.

    Now is that really true? Material of low quality simply would not be cited.
As I understand it there would not be a "quantity" problem. The enormous mount
of material can be readily archived and if no one wants to look at it, so be
it! The quality evaluation would be something carried out retrospectively, by
those who chose to cite the work. Maybe, if an item were cited a great deal,
then one of the paper media would decide to publish it.

>there are ways to work these matters out.  A group could be set up with
>moderators who could act as "editor/review" for focused topics.  Articles
>be sent out to other "e-reviewers" before posting.

    Yes, certainly reviewing could be done expeditiously by email, and if one
wanted to submit one's work to email reviewing before posting, that would be
an option.

>Currently the type of
>material which could appear on e-medium is somewhat limited due to

      True, but the technology is rapidly improving. Much data could be
presented in tabular form, without the need to figures. There could even be
a separate paper publication, acting as an email publication backup, which
would specialize in presenting exotic figures (e.g electon micrographs, etc.)

      Sincerely,   Don Forsdyke, Discussion Leader. Bionet.Journals.Note

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