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Tue Feb 22 09:28:29 EST 1994

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mroussel at (Marc Roussel) says:
>>    Now is that really true? Material of low quality simply would not be     .
>>As I understand it there would not be a "quantity" problem. The enormous
>>of material can be readily archived and if no one wants to look at it, so be
>>it! The quality evaluation would be something carried out RETROSPECTIVELY, by
>>those who chose to cite the work.
>     However, if the archives are full of junk, how do you identify the
>good material?

      Good material often gets lost in the paper media (e.g. Mendel). I
personally would prefer to be given the opportunity to smell out today's
Mendals for myself, rather than have some peers CENSOR what I can have ACCESS

>                Unfortunately, I have a sneaking suspicion that
>reputation would come to play an even greater role than it does now in
>scientific publishing.  Think about it:  You're faced with a mountain of
>electronic publications of dubious quality.  X is a well-known,
>well-respected researcher so it's tempting to go out looking for his or
>her stuff, ignoring all the rest.

       Yes, reputation and location would be factors which would influence one
in deciding which papers to look at. Another factor would be citations. I
would scan the email literature for new papers which cited key papers in the
fields of interest. Co-citation indexing would be very useful. If an author
knows the key authors in a field, chances are that he/she knows something about
the field, so the paper might be worth looking at. This could be much quicker
than when hunting through paper journals in the library.

>     Just archiving submitted papers without passing it through even the
>weakest of refereeing screens is a bad idea.  In order to be useful, an
>electronic journal has to function like a paper one:  It has to referee
>its submissions and it has to organize and index papers accepted for

              Automatic indexing, keywords located in title, keywords located
              in text, keywords in list of references, should be pretty easy
              to set up.  Sorry, I am not too convinced by your arguments
              to date.

                      Sincerely, Don Forsdyke

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