Multiple submissions OK if intent OK

Sat Jan 8 15:02:49 EST 1994

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Date:         Thu, 06 Jan 94 13:50:15 EST
From:         FORSDYKE at QUCDN.QueensU.CA
Subject:      Re: Re[2]: Multiple simultaneous submissions
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    The prevailing view, as far as I am aware, is that making multiple
    simultaneous submissions is unethical. My posting implies that this
    should really depend on the INTENT of the author. If he/she is really just
    trying to get a paper published expeditiously, then I do not think the ORI
    should be concerned. But if the intent is to pad out a curriculum vitae so
    as to increase the probability of getting a grant, tenure or promotion,
    then the INTENT is to deceive one's peers and the OSI should be concerned.

               Sincerely,   Don Forsdyke
                            Discussion Leader. Bionet.Journals.Note

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