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David A Hosten ao826 at FreeNet.Carleton.CA
Mon Jul 11 18:23:09 EST 1994

A new Electronic paper will launch on Aug. 15. The IFP - International
Free Press will focus on stories, interviews and editorials that deal with
Black groups and individuals on a global basis. Essentially, it will
become a modern chronicle of the Black experience in the world today.

Writers and Editors from Africa, Asia, Europe and North America have come
together to provide editorials, news stories, interviews, and other pieces;
ranging from law, to dance, to science.

The articles will have particular relevance to the black community, but
will provide interesting, and perhaps, thought provoking reading material for 
many others. You are all invited to subscribe and particpate in this new
electronic endevour.


Subscription is free and will be widely distributed to e-mail accounts. To

subscribe send e-mail to:	

	dhosten at 	

with the word SUBSCRIBE in the body of your letter, e.g. I SUBSCRIBE.

Issues will be delivered to the subscriber on the 15th of each month.

*To unsubscribe, send mail with message saying, UNSUBSCRIBE.

To facilitate widest distribution, the paper will be in basic text format.
Later issues may also be published, side-by-side, which may contain graphics.

Archived issues may be found...after Aug. Send e-mail
message with HELP in body of message to:     info at

**Feel free to copy, download, fax, or otherwise distribute the paper to
interested parties, as long as nothing is changed from the original**

Again, subscription requests may be sent to the e-mail address below;
David Hosten	ao826 at	dhosten at
Publ. Editor: International Free press (IFP) - Monthly Electronic Newspaper
Dept. of Mass Communication   University of Ottawa   CAN    

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