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>Even better would be some way of registering a set of search keywords and
>using this to filter each journal contents posting separately.  This might be
>a bit cumbersome to have each user register his own filter, but I think it
>would be reasonable to set this up for individual newsgroups.  For example, I
>am discussion leader for bionet.photosynthesis.  It would be nice to register
>a set of keywords and then have any photosynthesis-related titles
>automatically posted to the bionet.photosynthesis newsgroup.
>Any comments or other suggestions?
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>Department of Agricultural Botany  |     Internet: MARDER at

Such sets of key words are compiled for Biological Abstracts, 
Chemical Abstracts (the Index Guide) and Engineering Index ( ei
Thesaurus of Engineering).  Library of Medicene (MESH) or 
Library of Congress headings are possible but too general (LC) 
or medicene oriented (MESH).

The problem is to arrive at an adequate subset for each list and 
to insure its use.  The list could be drawn from relavent sources,
if consistant rules ("use Chem Abstr. term for metabolites, etc.
use Bio. Abs for species names, use MESH for medicinal uses, etc.)
and constant updates are mantained.  Use by moderators would require
that someone (or group of someones) make it mandatory that a moderator 
use the index terms and not their imagination and use them consistantly
for all articles.

This sort of moderator moves much closer to editorship and to 
indexing and abstracting.  Who will enforce such standards and
approve moderators?  Who will subsidize these moderators?  

Dan Chandler  
University of Oklahoma 

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