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       The Journal of Imaging Systems and Technology

This journal has been published by John Wiley & Sons, Inc. since 1989.
Earlier this year, its editorial board and its name were changed.
The new editors are Z. H. Cho (University of California, Irvine) and
L. A. Shepp (Bell Laboratories).

This interdisciplinary quarterly journal offers comprehensive coverage
of imaging science and technology.  Papers are drawn from a range of
areas, such as physics, chemistry, biomedical sciences and engineering,
radiology, geoscience, astronomy, computer science, mathematics, material
science, oceanography, etc.  Articles stress research and techniques
that are common to the imaging science in these fields.  The journal
therefore provides a single source for current information pertinent to
scientists, engineers and specialists working in the area of imaging
science and technology, as well as a forum for the development of new

All the submitted papers are reviewed by at least two referees. The editors
try to maintain very high standards and papers are judged primarily on the
ideas they contain, novelty, and relevance. All submitted papers should be
sent to:

   Professor Z. H. Cho
   Department of Radiology
   University of California
   Irvine, CA 92717

For subscription information, write to:

   John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
   Subscription Department
   605 Third Avenue
   New York, NY 10158

Telephone: 212-850-6645
FAX: 212-850-6088, Attn: Journal Subscription Dept.

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