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>A few months ago, I brought up the issue of searching journal contents
>lists, but my posting didn't generate a response then.
>Now that bionet.journals.contents is being further expanded (i.e. more
>journals) I thought that I'd bring it up again.

>Even better would be some way of registering a set of search keywords and
>using this to filter each journal contents posting separately.  This might be
>a bit cumbersome to have each user register his own filter, but I think it
>would be reasonable to set this up for individual newsgroups.  

I would recommend that you direct your attention to "SIFT Netnews Server"
which is the Stanford Netnews Filtering Service. The URL to access it 
though Mosaic is

and it will allow you to construct filters to search Usenet on a regular
basis for keywords of your choice,and you recieve a synopsis of the
hits via e-mail for you to persue.

Very neat and worthwhile... give it a try.


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