Accessing Medline

Thu Mar 3 09:02:54 EST 1994

Bibliographic databases such as Medline and BIOSIS Previews may be
accessed in a number of ways:
1. Through the database vendors (Dialog, BRS, STN, ORBIT, Datastar, ESA-IRS)
2. Some are available on other multidatabase systems (e.g. Lexis/Nexis has
   Medline access)
3. Many libraries have these databases on CD-ROM for use by their regular
4. Many academic libraries have mounted tape versions on their campus-wide
   information systems (requires passwords)
5. Some (I think Medline is one) will permit direct dial-up access (requires
   account and password)

Some of the vendors (e.g. Dialog, BRS) have an inexpensive subset of databases
that you can get access to for less than a full account -- these may have
menu-driven search engines rather than command-driven.

Finally,  a gateway service like Telebase, in Wayne, PA, is set up to allow
you to search and pay with a credit card.  I don't think you really
specify the database, and the search tools are not very sophisticated, but
it's one way of going about it.

You are unlikely to find anything for free.

Kate McCain                         "bibliometrics R us"
College of Information Studies
Drexel University

mccainkw at

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