Need advice on how to correct author list

Reinhard Doelz doelz at
Wed Mar 9 02:23:24 EST 1994

last year I submitted a paper to a computer-oriented biology journal. 
As I got the manuscript back with a couple of corrections, I changed as 
appropriate and was confirmed that it would be printed. I did, however, 
never receive galley proofs. Now I get the reprints and it has one 
author in the headline I never heard of ! This name is obviously 
an editor's mistake, as neither of the references shows evidence
that this name is involved in any way in the production of our paper.
Never in the history of my lab a person of this name worked on this 
topic neither did work here at all, and I never heard of such a person 
working on a related subject.

What can be done to correct this pity? 

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