Reviewing manuscripts

Sat Mar 12 17:48:18 EST 1994

In article <199403110032.QAA14818 at>, CGE at CU.NIH.GOV says:

>Most manuscripts for review are marked with some variation
>on: 'Not to be duplicated or used in any way'. However, what
>constitutes use? Consider the following situations:
>1. The manuscript is related to work you are doing and its
>content shows that an experiment you were planning to do
>would be a waste of time. Must you do it anyway?
>2. The manuscript is not directly related to your field but
>its content gives you insight into a problem you face in
>your own work. Do you have to wait until the paper is
>published (assuming it is accepted) before proceeding
>with the experiment it suggests?

        Answer No to the first question (an act of omission).
               Yes to the second question (an act of commission)
              [unlessyou are prepared to disclose your name to
               the authors, with the Editor's approval, and then
               ask the author's permission to use the information].

        Sincerely,  Don Forsdyke, Discussion Leader. Bionet.journals.note

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