Harper: citations in paper literature

Sun Mar 27 10:01:57 EST 1994

   Robert Harpers excellent review ("Access to DNA and Protein databases on
the internet" Current Opinion in Biotech. vol 5, 4-18. 1994) breaks new ground
in succeeding to gain editorial consent to the citation of electronic referenc-
s in the paper literature. However, they are listed separately from the paper
literature references. He adopts a format recommended by David Kristofferson:

    e.g.  Rainer Fuchs [his email address][title] USENET/bionet/software.
1 Nov 93 16:09:00 GMT

He has made no attempt to follow the format of the preceding list of paper
literature references inwhich the main name Fuchs would appear before an
initial (R). This is sad, because if we are going to get Editors to accept
electronic references as a "normal" part of the literature, we should try to
make our references look as "normal" as possible.

      e.g. Fuchs, R. [title] Usenet/bionet/software 1994, 1101:1609

where 1101 refers to 1st November ("volume number")
1609 refers to hour-minutes ("page number")

Don Forsdyke, Discussion Leader. Bionet.journals.note

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