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>   Robert Harpers excellent review ("Access to DNA and Protein databases on
>the internet" Current Opinion in Biotech. vol 5, 4-18. 1994) breaks new ground
>in succeeding to gain editorial consent to the citation of electronic 
>referencs in the paper literature. 

Yes I had to have a word with the editors so they would accept the
format proposed by Dave Kristoferson. I guess it is the first time
a review article has been published where there are 4 references to 
paper journals and all the rest to articles that appeared in Bionet.

It had to be done to make people aware that there is a wealth of information
that is published first and formost on the network and never sees the
light of day on the printed page. Most of the references were put together
using the biosci.src... a real treasure trove of info. All praise to
Dave Kristofferson for maintaining it.

>He has made no attempt to follow the format of the preceding list of paper
>literature references inwhich the main name Fuchs would appear before an
>initial (R). This is sad, because if we are going to get Editors to accept
>electronic references as a "normal" part of the literature, we should try to
>make our references look as "normal" as possible.

>      e.g. Fuchs, R. [title] Usenet/bionet/software 1994, 1101:1609

No excuses from me. When I quoted the original E-mail header, I realised
that in some cases the original articles were posted from old bitnet address
that are now defuct... but you have to leave the reference in the original
format, even though you know that EMBL adandoned Bitnet a few years ago
and are now on Internet.

I have been amazed at the positive response to the article. I expect
that the network personalities on Bionet will now be rushing off to
check to see if their names appeared in the list of references:-)


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