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Robin Dover R_DOVER at icrf.icnet.uk
Wed Nov 23 04:23:05 EST 1994

In article <3arcje$qpo at nnrp.ucs.ubc.ca>, enswartz at unixg.ubc.ca (Erik
Nathan Swartz) wrote:

> Just wondering what the generally accepted method is for deciding whose 
> name goes before whose name when a paper is submitted for publication.  I 
> realize that whoever wrote the bulk of the material should go first, but 
> after that?

Great scope for cynical replies here!
What an idea the person who thought up and performed the work goes
first...it might just catch on

I know of one dept where head insists its alphabetical by surname, as his
starts with a B......
If I worked there I'd change my name to Aaron A Aardvark

Seriously many dept heads insist on going on papers even if they have
never read them, I'm lucky and have never had this problem but many
do.....Some heads even insist people go on for political reasons, they
need more publications for promotion...sick but it happens.

Live forever or die trying

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