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>Subject: Order of Authors
>Date: 22 Nov 1994 00:05:02 GMT

>Just wondering what the generally accepted method is for deciding whose 
>name goes before whose name when a paper is submitted for publication.  I 
>realize that whoever wrote the bulk of the material should go first, but 
>after that?

>Erik Swartz
>Dept. of Pharmacology

See Schmidt, R.H. 1987. A worksheet for authorship of scientific 
articles. Bulletin of the Ecological Society of America 68(1):8-10 (March 
issue) for some guidance.  This suggest scoring and then ranking by several 
categories, including: conception, design, data collection, data analysis, and 
writing.  Their bibliography includes the following, which may also be of 

Croll, R.P. 1984. The noncontributing author: an issue of credit and 
responsibility. Perspectives in Biology and Medicine 27:401-407

Dickson, J.D., R.N. Conner, and K.T. Adair. 1978. Guidelines for authorship of 
scientific articles. Wildlife Society Bulleitn 6:260-261.

Jackson, C.I. and J.W. Prados. 1983. Honor in science. American Scientist 

Kennedy, D. 1985. On academic authorship. American Council of Learned 
Societies, Office of Scholarly Communications and Technology, Scholarly 
Communications Reprint 4:1-5.

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