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Thu Oct 27 10:24:23 EST 1994

Scientific Writing Teachers and Students:  Two new lists in scientific 
writing are open to anyone with interest in scientific or technical writing 

EST-L:  Teachers of English for Science and Technology

* This is an unmoderated discussion list designed for teachers of English 
* for Science and Technology (EST).

EST-SL:  Students of English for Science and Technology

* This list is where students of EST can go for help with scientific 
* writing.  Teachers from EST-L will be lurking here.
Description:  EST-L and EST-SL

EST-L is an open, unmoderated discussion list related to the teaching
of scientific and technical writing.  It can be considered a "virtual 
teacher's lounge" for EST teachers.

To subscribe to EST-L send the message:

subscribe est-l [First Name] [Last Name]

to:  listserv at

I encourage teachers on EST-L to join EST-SL, the student list.  In this 
way, you will provide an interactive resource for other scientific writers.  
You and your students can subscribe to EST-SL by sending the command:

     subscribe est-sl [First Name] [Last Name]

to:     listserv at


English is  the "lingua franca" of the worldwide scientific community 
today.  In most cases, a scientist is unable to publish his findings 
internationally unless he can do it in English.  This contemporary 
reality has inspired me to look for ways to improve the writing ability 
of students for whom English is not a native language.

The goal of EST-L is to provide a list where EST teachers can discuss 
teaching resources and strategies.
The goal of EST-SL is to provide an interactive resource for EST students 
from around the world.  

Questions, comments and suggestions are always welcome.

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