Bull. Eniv. Contamination and Toxicology

pmp3321 at SAE.SSU.UMD.EDU pmp3321 at SAE.SSU.UMD.EDU
Fri Oct 28 14:00:29 EST 1994

	I am interested in submitting something to the Bulletin on Environmental
Contamination and Toxicology.  The institution I'm at doesn't get this journal
but I am able to acquire articles out of it through a library loan if I have an
exact refrence.  I am looking for a refrence on the their guide to submitting
material.  I need a volume number, page numbers and a title or heading.  As I
am not a member of this news group I would appreciate it if information was
e-mailed directly to me.  Thanks in advance for any help I recieve.

				Peter Palenchar

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